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“Unrest/s in the Common City”

CURRENT #3, forthcoming


The pandemic and its consequences, but also the ever-escalating emergencies of war, rampant climate change and the general crises of fossil fuel capitalism, buffet us with a media-amplified torrent of ever-catastrophic scenarios. The current crises (“polycrisis”) manifest themselves in social struggles, in the intensification of social and economic inequality, and in the increase in violence, even in institutional structures. Fears and insecurities permeate society and individual bodies, to be felt either as tensions or exhaustion: unrest is in the air, according to our diagnosis. And it can give rise to a state of unrest. (full text follows after publication)

CURRENT – KUNST UND URBANER RAUM (ART & URBAN SPACE) is a transdisciplinary festival for arte in the urban space in Stuttgart.

Its 2nd edition was devoted to the subject “Stay Agitated!” (14.09. – 24.09.2023 ), Subsequently the CURRENT Magazin #3 will be published, presumably september 2024.