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Haus des Wandels (House of Change). Nicer forms of life care

Documentary Short Film
D 2022, 16:21 Min
  • Written and directed by: Sabrina Dittus
  • Status: Completed
  • Camera: Sabine Weber
  • Editor: Sabine Weber
  • Production: Sabrina Dittus
  • Music: Sabine Weber

The Haus des Wandels (HdW) is a building comprising almost 3,000 square metres of usable space and over 60 rooms in the municipality of Steinhöfel, Heinersdorf district, in the Oder-Spree district of Brandenburg. Built in 1954 as a vocational school with an attached boarding school, it was purchased by the Haus des Wandels association in 2018. Since then, it has been used, managed, lived in and renovated by the HdW collective. The HdW sees itself as “a socio-cultural centre, a post-local village square, and a space for action and negotiation, art and learning” (HdW Carebook).

The centre operates as a permanent home for local initiatives but also accommodates external artistic and political projects. It is currently run by about 15 people, although some couldn’t be present during filming due to the coronavirus. Andrea and Feli gave a tour of the building on behalf of the HdW collective.

The film was produced for gemeine stadt (“common city”)

(in German only)